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Speaking of an important topic in under 15 minutes

At the end of this month I will be giving a presentation about Green Tech thinking at Drupalcon Amsterdam. I only have a twenty minute slot there that must include any questions afterwards, so I really squeeze down a lot of material in a compact package.

There is so much I could talk about this topic. It's hard to trim it down to fit into the given timebox. But on the other hand, it forces me to thing the topic critically. What are the most important things to say and how can I make the biggest impact.

It's a good thing I have chance to practice this with real audience. I already gave the presentation earlier this autumn in a smaller conference and today I presented the improved version internally in our company.

Not only does this give me an idea how much I can fit in, but also the discussion afterwards help me decide what people found meaningful. I also have a good set of questions presented after the presentation that I can try to answer already in my presentation and not leave them until the sort Q&A session.

I just hope I would have one more chance to test it out before the big event.