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Can I talk already

Speaking at the conferences is nice, I like it. But it's not nice to have your session slot at the last day in the afternoon of the multiday conference. It's not that I would be nervous or stressing about it. It's more about me anxiously waiting to finally get on the stage.

Sure, it gives you couple of days more time to prepare. But you should never leave such preparations to the last minute. This time, I also had an opportunity to give my talk two times before the big even. So I'm well prepared. I have practiced it in front of live audience twice. Refined it a couple of times and got some feedback to make it even better.

Having the session earlier would also give more opportunities to talk with the audience during the rest of the event. On the other hand, that's a good thing so that there isn't too many people that I would have to talk with. But in this kind of cases, when you actually have a topic to talk about even that wouldn't be so bad.

So yes, I'm more than ready. But I still have four hours to go. Maybe I'll just go through my talk once more. Can you ever be too well prepared?