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public speaking

Scary things

Taking to people is scary. Writing in public is scary. Speaking in public is scary. But I still do all those things.

It's hard to get rid of that feeling. I feel vulnerable. It would be so much easier to just remain silent. I wouldn't need to worry about other peoples reactions and judgement. It's hard to open up and let go.

After years it doesn't feel as scary to write in public anymore. I have also tried to use every opportunity to speak to people. I have been speaking in multiple occasions in front of audience. And nothing bad has happened.

Can I talk already

Speaking at the conferences is nice, I like it. But it's not nice to have your session slot at the last day in the afternoon of the multiday conference. It's not that I would be nervous or stressing about it. It's more about me anxiously waiting to finally get on the stage.

Upcoming talking gigs

I have known it for a while now, but finally can say it publicly: I'm going to Amsterdam in October to talk about green tech thinking in Drupalcon! I also just heard the same session is accepted for Drupalcamp Helsinki held earlier this autumn.

It's been a while my last talk gig and now I have two of those upcoming still this year. I might even submit another topic for the X-con coming up at some point later during the year. And then there is still the possibility to get to talk more about the green tech on WWF meetups.

Time to speak up again

It has been over a year since my last public appearance at the stage. After previous year, when I had quite many talks I promised myself I would keep a sabbatical from that stuff. At the time it didn't work out, I still ended up speaking twice last year.

But after those two occasions it has now been a year already. I have achieved that goal. A bit late and without trying after I gave up. Oh, and I don't count all those talks I have given internally within our company.