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A while ago, I was about to write my thoughts on writing competitively. Or doing anything competitively in general.

I was planning to compare the learning one can gain from such activity to the one utilized in machine learning using generative adversarial networks. But that in itself provided already enough to write about I had to skip the comparison for the time being.

After I had written that post about GANs I was supposed to continue with the original topic next. But as usual, other topics happened and so far, I still haven't written it.

Today, once again, I was thinking of writing that pending post. But as you can see, I'm writing about something else. Well, not completely, but still. 

In this case it might actually have been a good idea to write that GAN post first. To ensure there is some background information my readers know before reading the other post  That way, I wouldn't have to explain too much of the technical details anymore. I could instead focus on the topic itself better.

Now I just need to write that post someday soon instead of writing more elaborative background posts, or these meta posts explaining why I haven't written it yet.