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When special becomes mundane

I remember when over seven years ago I joined my current company. There was many exciting perks we had. Things that I hadn't even dreamt of having as a work benefits. They felt great and special. It was easy to appreciate such things.

Today, after all these years enjoying such benefits they don't feel that special anymore. I take them as granted. Back in the days I wouldn't have missed any chances for those. But today I find myself pondering whether it's even worth it going.

All things, no matter how awesome will eventually become common everyday things. It's hard to keep up the excitement indefinitely. It's also hard to remember how special those things are, we start to take them for granted. And then we start to demand more.

And it's not like we haven't gotten more. We do have new benefits added every now and then. But eventually those too will become mundane.

It's good to stop for a moment every now and then and reflect what you have. Appreciate those things, remembering the times you didn't have them. Sure, there might be places where you could get even more. But then again, there are also places where you would get much less.