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Another leadership opportunity

We recently introduced competence guilds in our company. The idea is to function as a home for people with similar skills to have a home to grow and share knowledge when our teams are ever changing and composed of people with different skillsets.

I know I gave up my previous management position away during spring due not having time to focus on it too much. But I also made that decision based on the fact that the team I was managing had grown to be self sustained, not needing me anymore to guide it forward. Another reason was my new position in sales leading to a situation where I basically had three different focus areas.

Now, it wouldn't be an additional area to focus on. Instead, I would have a better position to influence the area of expertise I'm already focusing half of my time. It would be better aligned with what I already do. And in theory, I've already been doing that as a guild facilitator.

It would still be a challenge for me. I would need to focus more on the leadership aspect. But I'm up for the challenge. It would be a great opportunity to grow both myself and our architecture competences and practises.