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Blockers on the way

It's hard to write about anything else when you have a certain topic in mind. No matter how hard I have tried to write something today, the one I want to write about, but which is not ready to be written constantly comes to my mind instead.

It's funny how the problem is not having nothing to write about. Or that I wouldn't want to write at all. It's almost like an opposite of a problem to me, unlike for those who struggle to write.

And it's not just that I'm not ready to write that other post. While I'm exited to write about it, at the same time I'm afraid I'll never write it. I have too high demands for myself for such texts. I want to write it properly, get the facts straight.

So I need to take my time. Both to be ready to write it. And also write it properly, not quickly or in a hurry.

Maybe I should have just written it today. Then, I wouldn't struggle with this one now instead. And I wouldn't need to worry about it anymore. Of I wouldn't get it perfect the first time I could always rewrite it later into a new post.