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Nothing is more frustrating in the internet than finding an interesting article, starting to read it, get hooked and then hit the paywall. It was all just a teaser. Alternatives aren't much better, but ads and such are still tolerable as long as they are not too intrusive.

I understand people need to get paid. To write, edit and publish all those texts. Websites need to be created to display them. And those in turn need to be hosted somewhere.

The problem with the paywalls is that they are just gateways to walled gardens. If you pay for one you are stuck inside. Cut away from all other gardens. Or then you need to hop between multiple ones. Who has time for all that, or the money to pay for all that. 

I could be fine paying for one quality content platform. As long as I could get all my content through it. I would actually prefer such solution over ads or such. I would happily pay for a service that would just pass my payment forward to whatever paywall the content I want to read happens to be behind. But I know those content networks wouldn't ever unite behind such system.