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Missed markets

There is no shortage of streaming services. Quite the opposite. There is way too many of them and it's getting harder and harder to decide between them. There are good series in all of them and new seasons coming out at regular pace. So it's hard to even alternate between them. It becomes cheaper to just have all of them on a yearly plan.

But there is one blatantly missing from the Finnish market. The hottest new service of the year: Disney plus. Once again we had to read the bad news that the release here is postponed until autumn. Global capitalism at it's finest.

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Nothing is more frustrating in the internet than finding an interesting article, starting to read it, get hooked and then hit the paywall. It was all just a teaser. Alternatives aren't much better, but ads and such are still tolerable as long as they are not too intrusive.

I understand people need to get paid. To write, edit and publish all those texts. Websites need to be created to display them. And those in turn need to be hosted somewhere.

Too much abstraction

Development tools, frameworks and high level languages are great when they work. They make developing new software much faster and easier. But at their complexity they are also fragile and inflexible.

The possibilities they offer can also become a limiting factor. If they don't offer something out of the box, a less experienced developer might not be skilled enough to do something outside their scope. Even the seniors struggle to understand what is going on under the hood.

The more things change...

For some reason in the software industry there is a constant need for developers to "make things better". Or maybe it's not developers, at least not always. It could as well be marketing or management demanding change. There is always a need for new releases. Same old doesn't have the profits written in it.