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Best I can do

Sometimes I need to write in a hurry. Yes, those occasions are most often self caused. Other times I have plenty of time to write. I can take my time to ponder every single word, craft beautiful sentences and make the whole post coherent in harmony.

I wish I would have time for the later option more often. I hate reading those post written in haste. Rarely can I be satisfied of what I read afterwards. But there have been few of those as well.

If it takes a hundred post to write one good I should have tennish of those post written so far. On the other hand, if I only count those rare posts where I have made noticeable effort as the time has allowed there might be only a hundred of those. Even after this most critical view there should still be that one perfect post somewhere.

Every time I write, I still try to do my best considering the circumstances. Either it is the best I could come up in five minutes, or in a day. Something between those two. Whether I'm well rested or sick and tired. Best I can do.