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The forgotten art of boredom

It's hard to get bored nowadays. There is always something to do. With phones in out pocket all the time there is always something to entertain us. There are no more chances to get bored.

In those rare situations when we end up forced away from our phone, stranded on a deserted island outside the coverage of the network. Or when the battery dies unexpectedly while being away without a charger. We fall into a despair. We don't know what to do anymore.

But it's not the same as the good old boredom. The trove of inspiration and creativity. Having to come up with something on our own just to entertain ourself through a tedious wait. The unexpected order. The race of the raindrops on a car window instead of desperate look through the window for the next cell tower.

It's nearly impossible to get bored anymore. It's nearly impossible to find that magical place where anything can happen around us. 

You can't even fake it. Is it real trying to get bored when it's just trying to resist the urge to reach for the phone. If there is the soothing comfort that you can end it up anytime you want.