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Not writing now

One of the (many) reasons I keep postponing my daily writing is the feeling of not having the right topic. There often comes those moments throughout the day when I feel line I should write. But hen I don't feel like a have anything to write about. Or anything good enough. I postpone it hoping I come up with something better along the way.

Usually nothing better comes up. I could as well had written back when I first time thought about it. It might even have come out better that time. The further in the evening I push it the more tired I will become. And in the end I end up writing not only tired but also in a hurry.

I actually think all those posts I have written right in the morning are generally better. Even if I don't spend that much time on them they come out better when I feel fresh and well rested. I should really focus on getting more creative work done in the morning in general as well. Before the noise overwhelms me.