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Unexpected pressure

Nonsense is easy to write. If the topic is something every day and mundane it doesn't matter if the quality of the text itself isn't any higher than the contents. Writing about meaningless, or at least less meaningful things is just easy.

But when I decide to write about something important, something meaningful to me, it's a completely different story. I don't just want to get it out. I'm not just stating the facts. I want to get the message through.

I need to focus on getting everything clear enough that anybody can understand it. At the same time I want to use beautiful language, perfect sentences and clever anecdotes in my text. It's no longer just a text. It becomes more like of art. Crafting the impeccable story that leaves the reader thinking it as an experience.

This desire for perfection often prevents me writing about those things that I feel lost important. Instead, I end up writing something more casual. Posts that almost write themselves without me having to think about it too much. Such posts end up being the ones maybe easy to read, but not really worth reading.