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About writing again

It's funny how I have been writing about writing so many times without being too excited about it. Often it has  been just because I didn't have anything else to write about at that moment. Now it has been quite a while since the last one of those. And this one actually isn't yet another of those either. This time I actually wanted to write about it.

One of my aims has been becoming better at writing. I also like learning things and promised to focus more on those learnings. So obviously it's only right to write about the one thing I'm constantly focusing on learning more.

It's just becoming rather hard to write about those lessons. There isn't that many new things I could learn about it anymore. At least I have tried to accumulate as much knowledge about it as possible throughput my journey. It's more about the small but constant improvement over time. It's hard to pinpoint any particular things in such way. Any given period contains those small improvements in many different areas. It would require some more analysis and comparison to actually see the improvement. The feeling alone isn't enough.