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Man vs machine

As I told earlier our washing machine was having some issues with the bearings. After I managed tear it down to pieces I was faced almost impossible task of actually removing those bearings. They were become extremely tightly stuck up there. Unfortunately I didn't have the appropriate "fine-tuning" tools at hand at the time so I had to give up. Round one went to the machine.

Today I finally had time to go get me a proper sledgehammer. Even then, the machine put up a good fight before it released those bearings. After the moment of triumph it was time to put everything back together. I should probably have documented what goes where a bit better. After this delay it was harder to remember exactly what went where. Luckily most of the parts go in only one way, so I was actually able to put the machine back together.

The moment of truth, and there were still a few surprises waiting. After firing up the machine first time there was almost immediately water leaking out. Luckily it was only the intake hose which hadn't aged so well and was now leaking. After getting a new one round two also ended up with a set of beeps indicating an error, but after a retry that too went away. 

So after a few hours, 10% of the cost of new machine in spare parts and tools and couple of minor injuries we once again have a working machine.