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Pandemic during pandemic

It might not be the most appropriate time to play Pandemic the boardgame now that the actual pandemic is upon us. And not only due the topic might be a bit sensitive but also because we have now almost finished the campaign. So if there is going to be any quarantines we can't entertain ourself much with it anymore. Luckily it's not like we'd run out of boardgames to play anytime soon.

I know that the situation is getting serious. But I also believe everything is going to be fine at the end. As long as we get through the worst. And that's not the virus itself no matter how fatal it turns out to be. In the matter of fact, more fatal it is the sooner it will die. Killing it's victims would highly restrict it's ability to spread, so in the end we'll get stuck with yet another annoying seasonal flu.

But to get there we need to survive not only the more fatal period of the virus. We also need to survive the possible collapse of civilization. That could be much more fatal to ourself as it feels like we don't have the equal will to survive as these viruses do.