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Hard times, hard measures

The current pandemic situation didn't seem to affect our industry at first. Only a few of our customers were immediately affected by it.

That didn't last long though. Those customers not directly affected were also starting to scale down their development. To be better prepared for possible recession.

First social event in months

Feels weird. Meeting people again after so long time spending time mostly with only family members. Maybe it's about time. Sure there is the risk, but on the other hand it's good to get out every now and then despite the situation. Won't be good in the long run to maintain the quarantine if it's not absolutely necessary. As long as some basic precautions are being respected.

Finland is open again

As of today the most strict pandemic restrictions have been lifted here in Finland. Bars and restaurants are allowed to open their doors as long as there are enough room to keep the safe distance, it's allowed to travel abroad (to those countries allowing impound traffic). Schools opened already a couple of weeks ago.

It's still not fully relaxed but authorities hope the public will act carefully and maintain the safe distance and proper hygiene. Also the bigger gatherings and events are still forbidden.

The new normal

It feels like every day is normal again. No, the pandemic hasn't ended yet and the restrictions are only lightly relaxed so far. That's actually what makes some of the days feel weird now: meeting people is something out of ordinary.

Two months isn't a long time. But we are really good at adapting. The everyday life rolls on with the new routines not unlike it did before. The routines have just changed to suit the situation.

All I have is work

I'm one of the lucky ones who can work almost like normal during this time. Some might say I wasn't lucky as I can't just stay home doing nothing. But that would just drive me crazy. Not having anything to do just wouldn't work for me. And it's not just about the money.

It's just that when there is not much else to do, no clear separation from work time and free time I tend to work long hours. Filling the days with something to do keeps the thoughts away from the current situation.

Living by the statistics

While the epidemic is ravaging around the world we, the lucky ones not yet touched by it must live through the statistics of it. Until it touches someone close enough to you it's just all numbers.

There are all those first cases and deaths: in the world, in your continent, country, city. It's getting closer, numbers are getting bigger. All that matters are those smallest numbers. The ones closest to you.

Green pandemic

Current lockdowns and recession has reduced carbon emission drastically around the world. In some areas the emissions have dropped by up to 25 percent due the heavy industry and transportation basically shutting down. 

If you want to find something positive from this pandemic this could be it. Unfortunately it's just temporary. As soon as it's safe to get back to normal operations emissions will be back up as well.

Not enough news

A while back I took a critical look on my daily news and article subscriptions. As a result I was able to cut  the seemingly endless list of topics down by more than 80%. Just scrolling through those took earlier a formidable amount of time, but now I had time yo actually read the interesting ones.

Now I have plenty of time at my hands. I could go through more new information. But there isn't that much of it anymore. Even the sources I left in my stream are either producing less content or writing about the COVID-19. I don't want to read any more about it.

Same, same but different

It's now been a week from the pandemic announcement, couple of months from first signs of possible outbreak and a few days of the state of emergency. And it doesn't feel too different anymore. News still are filled with status updates around the world. But it too has become common, expected. The initial panic and hoarding has also stopped.