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First thing in the morning

I haven't written this early for a while now. Somehow I have reverted almost completely writing in the evening. Not always the last thing I do for a day, but usually pretty close.

Even though it's only 20 minutes since I woke up i manager to go through a vast list of excuses not to write yet. The most common one of course being one of them as well: not hawing anything to write. 

After tackling that by deciding to write once again about writing the next one was obviously that i don't want to write about writing again. A thing that I have tried to avoid as I've returned to that topic way too many times.

But after all (20 minutes) here I am, writing. Writing about the topic I'm not that exited to write about, but writing nonetheless. 

It's just so much easier to resist the urge of doing all those other things when you haven't started any. I would assume doing just one other thing before this would have made it just another evening post.

Just one thing will never be just one. Then there will be another, and another and so forth. Until it's already too late.