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Organic hard drive

Brain-computer interfaces are already a reality, even though still a primitive ones. They mostly rely on weak signals to interact or enhance different things. But we are still far from being able to transmit any complex information directly to our brains.

While we might understand the basic concepts of how the brain works there is still a long way to understand enough of it be able to for example "write" into it directly. And even then it would most probably be analogous to writing to a traditional hard disk drive with a magnetic needle by hand.

Just like there are many layer of abstraction writing to a disk it will be more easy to use the existing "software" and interfaces present in our brains to make such communication possible. For example instead of trying to write an image to our memory directly it's easier to just transmit that image through our visual nervous system and let the brain handle the storing just like it would do when the data comes through our eyes. So basically we are just missing the proper API library to communicate directly with our brains.