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Post-Corona world

We live in scary and uncertain times. The pandemic is raving on and a lot of harsh decisions has been made to at least slow down the spread of it. Despite all this I'm hopefully looking forward towards the new world that will emerge from all this. This is a good, but hard lesson we need to go through.

Just like with any tragedy, surviving through it gives assurance that we can handle such situations. It shows that we can work together and support each other in these times. There has been a lot of good things comping up when people start to help others around them.

Of course these situations bring forth the bad things as well. There hasn't been shortage of those either. It's not nice to face such things during the time of crisis, but if it wasn't because of that we wouldn't even know they existed. What matters is what we do with them. We can't forget and bury them when all this is over. We need to remember: change and prevent them from happening the next time.

When we live through this I believe the world will be a better place.