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Same, same but different

It's now been a week from the pandemic announcement, couple of months from first signs of possible outbreak and a few days of the state of emergency. And it doesn't feel too different anymore. News still are filled with status updates around the world. But it too has become common, expected. The initial panic and hoarding has also stopped.

I have been remote for almost two weeks now. And that hasn't changed much either. Just a little less privacy now that the rest of the family is also at home. But that doesn't bother me that much. Few events and meetings has been canceled, but most will be held over the internet. So mostly business as usual. Most importantly there is still work for us to do and we can also do it, unlike many others who aren't that lucky.

There isn't too strict restrictions yet for movement either, they are just recommendations. So while it's more quiet out there it's still not completely out of bounds. Mostly just avoiding meeting people up close.

In day to day life not much has changed. I know that there is this thing going on and I know I need to take those preventive actions. I know that the situation is bad and could get even worse. But at least for now, I can live my daily life mostly the same way I used to.