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Too many posts

I do am happy how many posts I have written. I'm proud I have been doing this for so long already. But having over a thousand posts makes it hard to find that particular one I wrote so long ago about this particular topic or that.

It would be nice to refer to those old posts. Whether it's in some discussion or just a new post touching the same subject. But going through all those posts is already impossible. Even the tags don't help as I haven't always been using those.

Another thing is I would like to go back and read all I have written. But even that would take a long time. At the time I'd be finished there would be another bunch to read again.

Maybe it's better to think these as something ephemeral. I write it, get it out of my head and then it's there. Out and gone. Time to look forward again. If something is important, or comes up again I can always write about it the second time. I'm sure it would be better post anyway as surely I have developed as a writer and learnt a lot since then.