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I wrote a lot about different things like I'm some sort of expert of those things. While I like to think I know a lot of those things there are people that are actual subject matter experts of those things. I'm just somebody curious about those things who also wants to understand and share the knowledge.

I might think that I understand those things, but I don't let myself go easily. The things I'm interested in aren't the most simple ones. So there is always the possibility that I have misunderstood something. 

But I try my best. I write partly also to make those things more clear to myself. Some things I study exclusively for being able to write about them. Other things are just something I know from my past studies of random interesting things.

I try to at least get the facts straight. They are the easy ones: it's always easy to check from other sources outside my head. But to check I understand something correctly is another thing.

Richard Feynman has said: "If you think you  understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics". For the laymans like me there might be other things as perplexing as quantum mechanism.