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Hard times, hard measures

The current pandemic situation didn't seem to affect our industry at first. Only a few of our customers were immediately affected by it.

That didn't last long though. Those customers not directly affected were also starting to scale down their development. To be better prepared for possible recession.

We were also winning new cases. Even the biggest one in while company's history. But those sales and rendering processes were already started well before the pandemic.  The forecast for the rest of the year doesn't look that good. And there is only so much a current clientele and those new projects from the spring can carry us.

It is therefore unfortunate that the company had to initiate negotiations to terminate the contracts of up to ten people. I'm lucky not to be among the affected ones. Neither I or anyone from my business unit is under the thread of being hit by the layoffs. I don't have to worry for my own job nor do I need to be making decision about who to let go.

Still, it's not nice to be in this situation. I know the action is crucial for the survival of the company and this is really the last resort after everything else has been tried. But it's still sad to lose colleagues. I couldn't imagine anyone from our company I would not care to loose.