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Vacation, day 2

It's only the second day of my vacation and I've already done the biggest task I was planning to get done during this time. What shall I do for the rest of the time? At least I'm not yet urging to get back to work. 

That's actually going to be interesting. Once the vacation is finally over and it's time to "get back" to work. We still have the recommendation from the company that we should stay home as long as possible. It will be weird to start working again without actually going to the office. At least for the first day. The transition between the vacation and work won't be as apparent.

Sure, I could go visit the office. It's not strictly forbidden. As long as we make sure there aren't too many people there at once. And that the project teams stay separated. But pandemic or not, during this time of the year there is hardly nobody at the office anyway. So there isn't much of a point going there anyway. Except having it as a sort of transition rite.

Anyway, I've still got plenty of days before that. Maybe it's better to focus anything other than work related things during that time.