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40 000 posts

There is a theory that you need 10000 hours to become a world class expert in something. And that's not just doing it for that time, it requires that time to be spend on deliberate practice.

I spend around 15 minutes writing these posts. I do try to pay attention to my writing, constantly trying to improve. So I could could count it as deliberate practice. 

Despite my years of experience, I'm still far from the said expertise. At this rate I would need to stack up 40000 posts to reach that. One post per day I'd need to keep doing this another 106 years.

Even if this would be about half of all my writing and even if I would double all my writing efforts and count all my prior writing exercises it would still take twenty years. That's a lot of commitment for something I don't intent to make my career. But it's also not that much after all if you commit to it and have the patience.

Maybe I don't have to become a world class expert in writing after all. Maybe I could be a quarter of an expert in four different things instead after that time.