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Lockdown and pandemic

Over the weekend we broke out from the lockdown and headed out to another locked room. It's been a while since my last escape room so it was nice getting to one again with the family. Well, almost the whole family. Son had s rough week of work and was too tired to join us there. Luckily he joined us afterwards as we were about to celebrate my wife's birthday and play the latest season of Pandemic which had just arrived.

The room was interesting. A bit different than usual: it required more of a creative, out of the box thinking. I noticed myself trying to solve the problems with more logical approach often missing the obvious solution. Luckily our more creative parts of the family were there and we managed to escape with plenty of time on the clock remaining.

Later, I was able to apply my logical thinking better when we got to play the Pandemic. The third season is actually a prequel to the series. Set in the cold war era the goal of the game is to prevent the pandemic from even breaking out in the first place. Our efforts to stop it from happening started out well as we managed to win both the prologue and first month without much of a struggle.

It was nice playing our favourite game series together again. Looking forward to more sessions. But on the other hand, this time it's probably going to be actually over after completing this season. There hasn't been any rumors for new seasons and I'm pretty sure it was mentioned earlier that this was intended as a trilogy.