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Twisted Arthurian legends on the board

Just received the latest addition to my modest boardgame collection today. A Kickstarter campaign by Awaken Realms delivered it's first wave of shipments, the game Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon.

Upon opening the package I was already impressed. A lot of material with a nice added bonus for the backers. Everything seems to be of good quality, and the game itself appears to be interesting as well.

Pandemic: season 2

We finally started it, the Pandemic season 2. Almost after a year of getting it. To be exact, this was our second game after the prologue we played ten months ago. Now, we finally managed to get the campaign started.

Our son was visiting us and naturally, we wanted to play something together. We might have way too many games as the decision to choose the game that would have suited everybody wasn't easy. In the end, it was still a compromise.

Breaking the rules

The purpose of boardgames is having fun. At least for me. Sure there are people that play them just for the competitive factor. And while that can also be fun at the times, at least when done with moderation I still like the cooperative games more.