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Green pandemic

Current lockdowns and recession has reduced carbon emission drastically around the world. In some areas the emissions have dropped by up to 25 percent due the heavy industry and transportation basically shutting down. 

If you want to find something positive from this pandemic this could be it. Unfortunately it's just temporary. As soon as it's safe to get back to normal operations emissions will be back up as well.

Overgrowing demand

Internet is not green. Yes it is more environmentally friendly than some alternatives and digitalization of services does save the environment. But at the same time we consume more and more entertainment that consumes bandwidth, server resources and CPU cycles.

And we havent even reached the full global adoption of the internet. There are billions of people who are not here yet. And of those who are,  only a small fraction out of them that consume the most.

I must be into something

Yesterday I submitted my session "Green tech thinking" to the Drupalcon Amsterdam. I really hope it gets approved and I have a chance to talk about this important subject.

The response in social media after I posted my proposal has been inspiring. There is clear interest in the subject. Green values are a hot topic of today and I believe I have a pretty good chance to get accepted.

Green tech thinking

According to statistics, the internet accounted for around 6% to 10℅ of total global energy usage last year. And this number has been steadily growing and won't probably slow down any time soon. It surprising fact, something that is already notable when considering climate change.