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Overgrowing demand

Internet is not green. Yes it is more environmentally friendly than some alternatives and digitalization of services does save the environment. But at the same time we consume more and more entertainment that consumes bandwidth, server resources and CPU cycles.

And we havent even reached the full global adoption of the internet. There are billions of people who are not here yet. And of those who are,  only a small fraction out of them that consume the most.

Once those billions of people reach the same rate of consumption level where we are today the amount of energy needed to serve all of them will be huge. And what are we consuming by then? All the IoT devices, self-driving cars and smart homes add a lot. And it's not just electricity. The amount of data those sensors will produce, the amount of computing power going through that data requires. It will be huge.

Estimates predict that by 2025 the whole information technology sectors power consumption will be around 20% of total global power consumption. That is five times more than today.

Even if we use all the new green energy to run all that new internet it wont be enough. internet is already growing faster than the adaption of those clean forms of energy.