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movie review

The end of a saga

The conclusion to the Star Wars saga has finally arrived. Spanning across five decades it's probably the longest running movie series based on original work. And now it's finally complete.

It has been interesting journey. Not least due to the unconventional order they were released. Later generations have had widely different experience watching those movies.

So was the last one good, worthy conclusion to such a remarkable saga? Yes, and no.


We went to watch the movie Tolkien tonight.  It's a movie about Tolkiens early life before he became one of the worlds greatest fantasy writers. Spoiler: in the end, he starts writing the Hobbit. 

If this would have just been a movie about a guy growing up, finding friends and falling in love while going through rough studies with a poor background I don't think I would have ever watched such a movie. I'm not the best judge of that kind of movies, but I would say as such this would have been barely mediocre.