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Emergency as an incubator for change

The world will not be the same no matter how this pandemic will turn out. After the dust settles in we will be living in a different world. For some, the change might be bigger while others appear mostly unaffected. But the change is still there. 

Much of the change won't be anything radical. It will be something that would have happened anyway, just over s bit longer period of time. The  social distancing we are forced to go through could make a lot of things stick. Digital services can (further) replace social gatherings. Virtual presence might become more desired.

From vision to reality

Having a clear vision on how to do something is important. But that alone would not lead to anything without a proper execution.

Basically, there is two options: either you do it yourself or get somebody else to do it. Doing it yourself is easier, as long as you have the skills needed to do whatever is necessary. Or, if you don't have those you need to have enough time to learn them.