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A day off

I have been on vacation for only a week, but I feel like I already need a vacation. As you know, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy for me.

Today happens to be a perfect day to take a day off from everything and just enjoy it spending some time with my wife. We have a rare opportunity to be just the two of us. Kids are both away until tomorrow. And she also has a day off today.

The funny thing is, looking at my daily task list it seems I have already completed more items off the list today that I have completed in total for several days before. Those days have all been just doing the one thing from morning to evening. But today I have had once again time to do all the other stuff.

So yes, it's possible to work 14 hours a day on one task and at the end of the day only have two or three tasks completed. Or complete almost every task on my list and still have plenty of time to enjoy other things, or just be there doing nothing.

I think after I have completed this task I won't do anything else on that front anymore today. I have already done more than enough for a day off.