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226 days

Finally, the day is here! The day that I have been anxiously waiting for the past couple of weeks. Now I van relax again for a while.

I have a love / hate relationship with the milestones. Beforehand I get anxious about them, but when I do reach them I can appreciate them. It always feels great to accomplish something. But hey don't mean the end, just a brief moment to stop and look back on may way to even higher milestones.

Missed milestone

I have been so busy lately. The game has been mostly what I have had time to think about, save the few occasional other things somewhere there in the middle.

And in general, it's also a thing that I don't pay too much attention anymore these days. I live day by day with this writing habit without a close track of how far have I gotten.


There isn't much anything interesting about the number 806. Sure there is some area code it maps to and possibly much other address and sequence related local things. But in general, the only interesting fact I was able to find about the number is that it is not a sum of square, a cube, a 4th power and a 5th power. Yeah, I don't understand it either.

So why am I writing about this seemingly uninteresting number then? Well, it happened so that I didn't realize I passed the 800 days writing streak couple of days ago. Six days to be exact, surprise!

Relative milestones

I have been writing over two years straight, 782 days in a row as of today. The next meaningful milestone is still quite far away. Even counting full hundreds that's over two weeks away. And even those don't feel that special anymore.

From time to time it can feel daunting. There are still so many days left until the next one. And a day, or ten, doesn't seem to make any difference. It feels like there is no real progress.