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Missed milestone

I have been so busy lately. The game has been mostly what I have had time to think about, save the few occasional other things somewhere there in the middle.

And in general, it's also a thing that I don't pay too much attention anymore these days. I live day by day with this writing habit without a close track of how far have I gotten.

So that's why, once again I'm writing about a passed milestone on my writing streak a few days late. Maybe I should start setting remainders for those dates I know will be the ones when some major milestone happens. Or just stop writing these updates altogether.

Anyway, this post, once finished will be my 204th post in a row posted into 200wad. That's pretty amazing. It's already almost a quarter of all posts I have written. I don't even remember how I felt when I passed the first 200 post mark. These come and go. But still, after everything its still a nice little reminder that even of it doesn't feel like it, there is still small progress forward every day.

Looking forward to miss my next milestone in couple of months as well.