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There isn't much anything interesting about the number 806. Sure there is some area code it maps to and possibly much other address and sequence related local things. But in general, the only interesting fact I was able to find about the number is that it is not a sum of square, a cube, a 4th power and a 5th power. Yeah, I don't understand it either.

So why am I writing about this seemingly uninteresting number then? Well, it happened so that I didn't realize I passed the 800 days writing streak couple of days ago. Six days to be exact, surprise!

I didn't want to write yet another "oh, I passed around the number on my streak and didn't even notice" -post (which I, in fact, am indeed writing now after all). I thought I could maybe just write about the number itself. But what do you know, I decide to write on day 806. A day in numbers that don't have anything to write about.

Except for me and only now, today. Tomorrow it will be just another number of days in the past, among other right hundred or so. 

In fact there is another interesting fact still: today it has also been 80 days since I started cross posting to 200wad. Meaning that as of today, I have written roughly 10% of my posts this way.