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OnePlus 7T pro, part 3

Few more physical things about the phone before I can move into talking about the internals.

The power button on the right hand side is conveniently placed just a bit over halfway through the side. This makes it much easier to reach for it than having it on top. There is a slider to silence the phone in the traditional power button place in this phone. A feature that surely is useful, but I still prefer the control of profiles based on whether I'm wearing my watch or not.

OnePlus 7T pro, second impressions

There is so much new with this phone I have to continue from where I left yesterday.

In addition to huge display the body of the phone is quite sleek overall. The material is smooth which, in addition to it's size, makes it quite hard to keep at hand. It feels like it could slip out from my hand at any moment. So case is a must have with this phone. It offers double protection when you are less likely to drop it in the first place and protecting it even if you do.

OnePlus 7T Pro first impressions

Now that I have had time to play around with my new phone it's time to write some first thoughts about it.

First thing that is apparent when you pick up the phone is that it's huge. Or at least it feels like it. After all, comparing to my previous phone it's just few millimeters more here and there. But all that space is occupied by a gorgeous curved screen. There are no bezels, notches or even punch holes. It's literally all screen.

Battery problems

My trusty first-generation Pixel phone is starting to show the signs of age. I can hardly get it through half of the day with light usage. Not to mention if I want to use it more. Then the battery is empty in mere hours.

I'd hate to replace it just yet. It still serves it's purpose just fine. I  don't have needs for latest and greatest features or the top-notch performance of latest phones.