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Battery problems

My trusty first-generation Pixel phone is starting to show the signs of age. I can hardly get it through half of the day with light usage. Not to mention if I want to use it more. Then the battery is empty in mere hours.

I'd hate to replace it just yet. It still serves it's purpose just fine. I  don't have needs for latest and greatest features or the top-notch performance of latest phones. 

I could as well use it for a year or two if only I could get a bit more usage time out of it. One option would be to replace the battery. Unfortunately it's such an exotic device that it seems no local shop offers such service. I would need to order the new battery from the internet and replace it myself. And as its quite the marvel of modern technology that isn't an easy feat. There is a risk that I botch it and am in even worse situation.

So I probably need to start looking for a replacement. But there are so many phones available to choose from. And then there are all the upcoming phones as well. Should I wait for a while if something better, more interesting comes up. Do I survive until then with this one? And there is always the next great one coming up just around the corner anyway.