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human nature

Moravec's paradox

Imitating human intelligence in software has taken big advancements in the past half century. But despite all the efforts we aren't that much closer to match the human intelligence artificially.

There are two main parts of human intelligence: the conscious reasoning and subconscious sensorimotor skills. The latter usually thought trivial to be replicated due them being rather simple mechanical actions.

The new normal

It feels like every day is normal again. No, the pandemic hasn't ended yet and the restrictions are only lightly relaxed so far. That's actually what makes some of the days feel weird now: meeting people is something out of ordinary.

Two months isn't a long time. But we are really good at adapting. The everyday life rolls on with the new routines not unlike it did before. The routines have just changed to suit the situation.

Return of the hunter-gatherer

Just s hint that everything might not be just like normally and suddenly completely normal and rational individuals fall into primal instincts. The pandemic has caused a trigger on many people to start hoarding essential goods like there is no tomorrow. Or ay least the delivery trucks wouldn't return to restock those empty shelves every day.