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The new normal

It feels like every day is normal again. No, the pandemic hasn't ended yet and the restrictions are only lightly relaxed so far. That's actually what makes some of the days feel weird now: meeting people is something out of ordinary.

Two months isn't a long time. But we are really good at adapting. The everyday life rolls on with the new routines not unlike it did before. The routines have just changed to suit the situation.

When this all is over everything will feel strange once again. We need to change our routines again? But it's just another reaction, our natural resistance to change. We had everything going fine, why we need to change everything again?

Like it happened this way, it will happen as fast the other way around. We are back to old routines in no time. Or rather new ones again. I'm sure there is no going back to the pre-covid days again. We change only as much as is absolutely necessary, so the change back won't be as big. And not all things we will keep from this time are bad.  It's going to be just another normal way of living. Until the next change is upon us.