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All I have is work

I'm one of the lucky ones who can work almost like normal during this time. Some might say I wasn't lucky as I can't just stay home doing nothing. But that would just drive me crazy. Not having anything to do just wouldn't work for me. And it's not just about the money.

It's just that when there is not much else to do, no clear separation from work time and free time I tend to work long hours. Filling the days with something to do keeps the thoughts away from the current situation.

Too much working

I usually work longer days when remoting and balance those hours on office days. But that has become quite hard now that there are no office days. I have already accumulated several hours of overtime during the past two weeks. This week has also been exceptionally busy due a big project release preparations.

Remote work

Like many other modern IT companies we haven't had much of trouble switching over to working full remote. We've had the remote first policy right from the start, so this is nothing new in general. I'm certain that every one of my colleagues has worked remotely more than once just during the month before all this.