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More socializing during distancing

Usually my remote days are the quiet ones. I try to avoid any calls for those days. Or at least have one or two of the days that way. After I started doing three remote days per week on average there just wasn't enough time to put all the meetings on those two remaining office days.

Now, after the first week when everybody has been fully remote it feels like there has been more meetings than ever. Maybe it just feels like that when they are all remote meetings. But another thing I noticed is that there has been a lot more social chattering on those meetings as well. There has even been a few meetings specially held for that. 

Of course it's nice to keep in touch with my colleagues now that there is no chance to have any ad hoc office conversations. Even as an introvert I feel like I need at least a bit of that. But I think I need that quiet day as well. It was easier to have that when it was still possible to visit the office. Everybody preferred physical meetings and it was easier to have the remote meetings there too. But now that everybody is remoting that doesn't matter anymore. Maybe I need to reserve that time for me explicitly from my calendar for the time being.