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Remote work

Like many other modern IT companies we haven't had much of trouble switching over to working full remote. We've had the remote first policy right from the start, so this is nothing new in general. I'm certain that every one of my colleagues has worked remotely more than once just during the month before all this.

But even for us it isn't completely without problems. The problems are just different than for those who have no prior experience arranging remote work at this scale. The sheer amount of remote workers will probably drive up the internet traffic with all the video calls going on daily. But so far that hasn't affected us either.

We are fine working from home. When we are there alone or we have a quiet space to do so. Now that everyone else is also home that has become more challenging. There seems to be extra persons present in almost all our meetings and there are more interruptions when a family members need attention.

While it's pretty much the same, it's still different. Makes you appreciate those office days s bit more as well.