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Emergency as an incubator for change

The world will not be the same no matter how this pandemic will turn out. After the dust settles in we will be living in a different world. For some, the change might be bigger while others appear mostly unaffected. But the change is still there. 

Much of the change won't be anything radical. It will be something that would have happened anyway, just over s bit longer period of time. The  social distancing we are forced to go through could make a lot of things stick. Digital services can (further) replace social gatherings. Virtual presence might become more desired.

There is nothing but change

Everything changes. It's inevitable. And usually we don't even realize it before it's too late.

Looking forward, the change is scary. We tend to opt for the current state. The one we know, be it for good or bad. We are afraid things could be worse. And the change, it often requires work. Or at least a decision to be made.

Even if we don't make those decisions, the change still happens. Without asking our permission. The small steps every day take us closer to something new and different. And we might not want to end up there. 

The more things change, again

It's that time of the year again when the next Android version is just around the corner. After careful consideration and reading through reports I decided the current beta is already stable enough for me to try it out.

I have to admit, I did hesitate a while longer this time. I knew there will be changes. And I was pretty sure there would be plenty of those I wouldn't like. But there was also this new gesture navigation that really intrigued me. Maybe I hoped too much.

A step into unknown

I have been pondering about my role in our company. Last two weeks I have gone through numerous conversation with the people around me. Discussing about where I could contribute the most. And where I could push myself forward, focusing on things I'm most interested in.

I'm slowly starting to have a picture of my future role in my head. And luckily it aligns pretty well with the news of the company. All the feedback has been positive and I'm starting to feel I'm heading towards the right direction.

Green tech thinking

According to statistics, the internet accounted for around 6% to 10℅ of total global energy usage last year. And this number has been steadily growing and won't probably slow down any time soon. It surprising fact, something that is already notable when considering climate change. 

Winds of change

There is a lot going on in our company. We just recently published our new strategy and we have also been refining our offering against the new strategy.

It's also a good point to review my own position. Where do I want to do from there and what should be my new focus. How should I position myself in this new strategy and how can I bring the most value to our new offering.

The more things change...

For some reason in the software industry there is a constant need for developers to "make things better". Or maybe it's not developers, at least not always. It could as well be marketing or management demanding change. There is always a need for new releases. Same old doesn't have the profits written in it.