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The more things change, again

It's that time of the year again when the next Android version is just around the corner. After careful consideration and reading through reports I decided the current beta is already stable enough for me to try it out.

I have to admit, I did hesitate a while longer this time. I knew there will be changes. And I was pretty sure there would be plenty of those I wouldn't like. But there was also this new gesture navigation that really intrigued me. Maybe I hoped too much.

The gesture navigation is there, yes. But it's still nowhere as pleasant to use than the one I'm missing. It's amazing how, with all their resources neither Google or Apple, are both still unable to deliver perfect gesture navigation. a feat that Nokia did already ten years ago with Meego. Maybe one day I can once again enjoy such a smooth interface. 

So, despite not being the best I have used, the back navigation still works fine. I would happily use it. After all, it's a step into the right direction. But for some weird reason enabling that gesture also changes the behaviour of home and application switcher. And not for the better. Google: why can't I just enable the back navigation gesture keep the old ones for home and switcher?