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Longest streaks

I have twenty different things I follow daily. I have been iterating my system over the past three years actively and am finally found somewhat good balance with it. It might not be perfect and I still keep altering it whenever I feel like I have a better idea. But for that I need to have a closer look at it every now and then. What would be a better way to evaluate the effectiveness of any such system than the results it yields?

It's also hard to finish

Getting started is hard. Everybody knows that. And therefore there are countless tips and guides on how to get started. After all, once you get started everything will be fine. Right?

Not necessarily. It can also be hard to keep going in the middle, but what I'm talking today is finishing something. Not just get something done, but actually get it done, once and for good.

It might not be that easy as it sounds. It is, in a matter of fact, possible to procrastinate finishing up something. I found it out today. 

My daily quests

A couple of days ago I wrote about my daily productivity system. There, I mentioned I have a total of eighteen items in my daily task list divided into five separate categories. Now, I'm going to tell you what those are.

How I get things done

I think I haven't written about my productivity system in its entirety. At least not for a while. And as I'm constantly trying to improve it, anything I have written previously is probably outdated anyway.

The system is pretty simple at its core: I have a list of daily tasks I want to compete every day. The items on that list aren't any particular tasks, but rather categories of things to do. The list is further divided in (currently) five categories. Every day I have a simple goal of completing enough items from that list to satisfy two rules:

Doing too much

After the low in my daily productivity, it's hard to get back on track with a new streak. Just when I thought this system is finally perfect I'm back with the same problem I had at the beginning of this iteration.  I'm doing too much too fast.

Starting slowly would make it easier to get a longer streak. It would give some time to stay a bit lower and have some easier days in the beginning. Getting those small increases would also mean there would be more of those "better than yesterday" -days.

Back to the bottom

After yesterday super productive day I was determined to have another one today. Even beating the excellent score of 17/18 daily goals. I was sure I could pull off the perfect day today.

But maybe it was the push after yesterday, or maybe it was the drinking, but I already knew when I woke up it won't happen. After a moment I decided it's not even worth trying. It's better to have the day off now rather than during the week. When I could actually have the full day of doing nothing instead of just enjoying a lazy even g during a working day.