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Longest streaks

I have twenty different things I follow daily. I have been iterating my system over the past three years actively and am finally found somewhat good balance with it. It might not be perfect and I still keep altering it whenever I feel like I have a better idea. But for that I need to have a closer look at it every now and then. What would be a better way to evaluate the effectiveness of any such system than the results it yields?

The core of the system has two dimensions: the daily total task completion and the individual task streaks over time. The first one doesn't have any strict goals, but instead compares the daily results to the previous day trying to keep or improve the level. And the streak is simply getting as many consecutive days in a task as possible. The other pushes me to do more every day and the other to keep doing those things longer.

So, about the results. The daily scores are harder to evaluate, but the lowest scores (e.g. when I do a "reset") have been higher and increasing over time. Haven't done the numbers, but I'm pretty sure so have the averages too. But the time between resets might be a bit lower.

The great thing is the streaks. Currently I have four of the longest streaks per task ongoing and fifth is just two day away. In addition those include three out of five of my all time best streaks across all tasks.

Three out of five longest streaks