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Task failed successfully

A week ago I broke one of my streaks. I just somehow forgot to do that at the time. I could have felt disappointed. After all I had a whopping eight different streaks going on at once.

The fact that I managed to keep up all those streaks is in itself already an accomplishment. And I did it for one month! I definitely didn't fail at anything. I achieved something great. That was over 240 tasks done in one month. 

Without breaking that one streak I might not had even realized what I had managed to do. Years ago it felt impossible to keep up a streak that long for just one thing. Of course it would have been nice to keep going with all the streaks. But now I just have to start again. Well, I actually already did a week ago . And the 7 other streaks are still going strong. Maybe this is a good moment to add yet another streak along those 8 and make next month complete with 9 streaks. Sure I should also focus on keeping those 7 running strong to hit the two month mark with all of them. Let's see how many can I keep up for the whole year.