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Routine variery

During the normal times it was good to have daily routines. There were still variety on the days whether it was a day of or a workday either at the office or remoting at home. Now, one of them has been taken away and the remaining ones have always been rather close to each other anyway. So it's no surprise the days are becoming a bit boring from the lack of variety.  In a way it's just like an endless vacation, except you still have to work.

The biggest change

One would have imagined working 100 percent of the time from the home would have been one of the biggest changes the lockdown would have brought. But for me it wasn't really anything new. I used to do that 2-3 days a week already earlier. So it was just more the same instead of something new.

Now, after a week from working from my new home office I have realized it was a lot bigger change. It was actually something new that requires a different routine. It's still fresh and I haven't completely used to it yet, but at least I already have some initial routines formed.

Today I learned

As per my new writing focus, from now on I try to write about things I have learned throughout the day. But as I also try to write first thing in the morning it turns out to be quite challenging. It's hard to have learned something by seven in the morning.

The new normal

So, my daughter started her at her new school a little before the end of my vacation. Until today that has affected my morning routines as we have been commuting together. 

Mostly this has affected our morning schedule. We need to leave a bit earlier than what I have used to. I can't, well want to write in the train while she's there with me. It's nicer to spend time there with her, chatting and so on.

The other way around

I usually write in the morning when I'm going to the office for a day. Other days I postpone the writing until the evening just before bedtime. But for the last couple of days, I have been able to write in the morning even that I have stayed at home.

Today was my first day at work after vacation and I didn't write in the morning. At least I didn't leave it until evening either as I'm writing this now while on my way back home.

Small deviations

It doesn't take much to get off the track. Especially the stronger the routine the easier it is to derail. As long as you let that small thing interrupt you.

So it's better to ignore everything else as far as possible until you are through your routines. Else, it might be hard to get back. Those routines are usually there exactly because they are the hardest things to make ad hoc. You really depend on the routine to get it done.

Did I forget?

After the vacation and a couple of weeks of mostly remote work it's odd to write in the morning again while commuting. Well, not actually the writing part. It still comes naturally as soon as I sit down in the train.

But last evening, after I had written in the morning after a while I had this feeling in the back of my mind that have forgotten something. That there is still something I should do.

Routines and cues

I have two times when I write: in the morning when I'm commuting and in the evening just before heading to bed. I think over 90 percent of my posts are written on either of those times.

Those are easy times to write for me, I have so accustomed to writing routinely in those situations that I have found myself accidentally almost starting to write in similar situations. For example sitting down on a train, just like I usually do in the morning when I commute. The cue to start writing is so strong I don't even have to think about it.

Written down

I hate it when I have to write in the evening. I would much rather go to sleep, but at that point I still need to write. There is not much I can do at those moments, except write and think about how I should stick to writing in the morning. On those evenings when I have written in the morning I don't usually even think about it. Sometimes it comes to my mind, especially when I'm tired and want to go to sleep early. Then, if I don't have to write I feel gratitude.

The one written in a hurry

I know, I know. I should have written earlier. It's not like I didn't have time or chances to write. And I also very well knew I couldn't write anymore in the evening. But despite everything, here I am. Still writing this while I could already be done with it instead of now trying to just get it done in a hurry.