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Today I learned

As per my new writing focus, from now on I try to write about things I have learned throughout the day. But as I also try to write first thing in the morning it turns out to be quite challenging. It's hard to have learned something by seven in the morning.

Naturally, I could write what I learned yesterday. That would work if I'd stick to writing every morning. But unfortunately I haven't been able to keep up with that either. Some days I postpone the writing all the way until the last moment in the evening. Sure, then it's easy to write about the days learnings. But then again, there is nothing to write about in the next morning.

So now it would be even more important to stick to the habit of writing at the same time every day. Otherwise, I would have to come up with two things to learn on those days when I know I'm going to write in the evening immediately followed by a morning writeup. Or, maybe I could modify my morning routine so that first, I would try to learn something and then immediately write about it. On the other hand, I'd much rather start the day by creating something instead of going directly to the consuming mode.